Angela Michael, Patient/Family Instructor

Angela was born in Leesburg GA. She received her Master’s in Library Science from Florida State University and currently works for the Orange County Public Schools as a school librarian. She has been a Patient/Family instructor for BBN Foundation since 2014.

“My daughter Hannah was born at 26 weeks and weighed only 1lb 1oz. When I was admitted at 24 weeks I didn't realize that such a long and difficult journey was about to begin. Before and after she was born there were so many ups and down. There were many occasions that I had to hear bad news. It was an emotional rollercoaster. I had two very different experiences with how bad news was given to me. I remember both very clearly. Every detail is etched in my brain forever; each doctor’s tone, where they were in the room and the words they used. When the news was delivered compassionately it made even the worst situation a little better. But when it wasn’t delivered in the best manner it made me feel empty, scared and alone. I am forever thankful that I had doctors giving me bad news in a compassionate way but I also remember the times it could have been done better. I decided to get involved with the BBN Foundation as a Patient/Family Instructor because I hope that in some small way I can provide insight into the patient perspective that the physicians and nurses we train will remember and put into practice when they have to deliver bad news.