Join Our Compassion Circle


Sustainability is generally defined as using resources in a way that does not deplete them.  For the BBN Foundation sustainable funding will allow us to invest in our vision of compassionate communication in healthcare, delivering our program to any hospital, institution or practice that is open to improving communication skills for their staff and improving outcomes for their patients and families. 

We are very grateful to the foundational members of our BBN Foundation Circle of Compassion:

Support a Center of Excellence:

Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Orsini

Support a Class:

John J. Hallacy and Mary Ann LoFrumento MD

Support an Instructor:

Act Resource Development and Jeff Sobel Consultants


In the last four years with limited resources and the volunteer effort by our Board of Directors, BBN has trained more than 400 healthcare professionals - who, over their careers may come into contact with two-million patients.  The foundation is now poised to become a leader in transforming communication in the healthcare setting.  To see our vision realized we will need sustainable funding.  Sustainable funding will allow us to get to the work of fulfilling our mission – one BBN program at a time.

Our Circle of Compassion is a group of dedicated donors who have committed to funding The BBN Foundation at a level of $1,000 or more per year for 3 or more years.

Circle of Compassion Levels include:

$15,000.00 per year – Support BBN Foundation Transformation

$10,000.00 per year – Support a Center of Excellence

$ 5,000.00 per year – Support a Class

$ 2,500.00 per year – Support an Instructor

$ 1,000.00 per year – Support a Resident