BBN Programs

BBN supports programs that promote compassionate communication in medicine. The unique "Breaking Bad News PROGRAM utilizes professional actors in video taped improvisational role playing situations with physicians and nurses to teach compassionate communication.  We train medical residents, senior physicians, practitioners and nurses how to communicate in the most effective and compassionate manner. Although delivering bad news is something which occurs daily in most medical practices, the majority of clinicians have not received formal training in this essential and important communication task. Patients and family members who are receiving distressing information (i.e. a serious diagnosis, a terminal prognosis, etc.), often cannot react or plan in an organized manner because of emotional stress. How the news is told to them can impact their lives for decades. Patients  and family members are overwhelmed with concern and distress over their loved one’s diagnosis. How a doctor or nurse gives the bad news can either help or hurt patients and families during these life altering situation. 

The Breaking Bad News™ PROGRAM consists of 3 important parts:

  1. Physicians and healthcare workers participate in improvisational role­playing sessions with professional actors who portray patients or family members.
  2. Role­playing sessions are watched remotely by BBN Certified Instructors.
  3. Immediately following the role­playing session, participants are given the opportunity to review their video­taped session with BBN instructors. It is during this part that the all­important self­review and self­reflection occurs. BBN instructors make comments and suggestions.

Other skills can also be taught using the Breaking Bad News PROGRAM. 

Programs currently available include:

  • Breaking Bad News
  • Difficult Dialogues in Emergency Medicine
  • Improving Patient Satisfaction Scores Using the Breaking Bad News Model

Types of Teaching Programs

The BBN Foundation offers several types of teaching programs to meet the needs of hospitals and institutions. 

  • Individualized Training - Each healthcare worker participates in his/her own video taped role playing session with professional actors. BBN Certified instructors review the video with the participant immediately following the role playing session. Every participant completing the session will receive certificate of completion by the BBN Foundation. Limited to 8 participants per day. 
  • Group training - 4 participants complete the role playing session in the morning as described above. Video sessions are reviewed in the afternoon with a larger audience. In this training program there may be up to 50 attendees however only those who complete the role-playing session will receive a certificate of completion. CME and CEU can be obtained through hospital or institution.
  • Large Conference - Complete training to an unlimited number of attendees. Attendees learn through a series of lectures and review stock improvisational role playing sessions from previous programs. CME and CEU are possible through hospital or institution.